FLOPRINT™ series

The acrylic thickener for the textile industry is produced by SNF, the world leader in this field.
Now SNF offers a number of FLOPRINT thickeners for pigment printing, based on know-how technologies, using the most advanced polymerization techniques.

  • Synthetic thickeners for printing with reagent paints.

  • Thickeners based on acrylates in powder form.

  • Thickeners based on acrylates in the form of emulsions.

Reagent printing

The FLOPRINT thickeners allow printing at higher speeds.

The reaction takes place in the presence of alkali when heated. There are two main methods of treatment with reagent paints: one- and two-stage. Stocks of sodium alginate are sometimes limited, prepare the paste for a long time, the resulting paints are pale. In case of these inconveniences, use SNF reagents of FLOPRINT trademark in the form of powders and emulsions for reagent printing.


  • The FLOPRINT thickeners, thanks to their rheology, allow printing in a wide range of viscosities, while still maintaining good clarity, coating power and color saturation in comparison with sodium alginate.

  • The FLOPRINT thickeners allow you to print with smaller pressures or pressure rollers of smaller size than when printing using alginate paste with the same viscosity.

  • The Thickeners FLOPRINT allow you to print 3-4 times faster than is usually possible with the use of alginate and rotary machines. This is due to the reduction in pressure or the size of the rollers, which gives the additional advantage of less squeezing out the printing paste, allowing greater clarity due to less spraying of the paste. In addition, the thickeners have excellent penetrating power.

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