About us

DYUMANS Limited is the company that supplies high-quality products for the enterprises of the world-famous manufacturer SNF S.A.S (France): coagulants, flocculants, surfactants, dispersants, humectants, binders, thickeners, defoamers. The priority line of activity is the implementation of reagents for water treatment and waste treatment at industrial and municipal enterprises: water canals, ore mining and processing plants, metallurgical plants, pulp and paper mills, etc.

Our Targeted Approach

By purchasing our products, you become a customer of the company, which means, together with the reagents, you will receive a qualified service:

  • We take care of all costs associated with the selection of products and laboratory tests;

  • We take full responsibility for the conformity of quality to the most advanced world standards;

  • Our specialists will visit your company on a regular basis and conduct appropriate control over the application of products and, if necessary, advise the employees of your enterprise;

  • We undertake to immediately inform you of all the new opportunities in the technological processes of water treatment and new products that will appear on the world market.

We achieve the highest quality of service – it is responsible placement of the order, execution of contracts, timely delivery.


Synthetic polymers (polyelectrolytes), used for mechanical treatment of water from suspended and colloidal particles.


Coagulants destabilize the colloidal system by neutralizing forces of various nature that ensure its stability.


Organic dispersants are synthetic polymers that exhibit a function inverse to flocculants, as a result of which they are often called deflocculants


Superabsorbent swells on contact with water and receives a bound amount of moisture, which is tens of times greater than their correct amount.

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