Surface active agents


Surface-active substance (SAS) are chemical compounds that, when concentrated at the interface, cause a decrease in surface tension.
Due to the washing, wetting, emulsifying, dispersing and other valuable properties of surfactants are widely used in various areas of the chemical industry.

Currently used synthetic surfactants (SAS) are divided into four groups:

  • anionic surfactants – compounds that dissociate in aqueous solutions to form anions that cause surface activity;

  • cationic surfactants – compounds that dissociate in an aqueous solution with the formation of cations that determine surface activity;

  • amphoteric surfactants – compounds, which in ionic solutions are ionized and behave differently depending on the conditions. Mainly their function is affected by pH – environments. In an acidic solution, such compounds exhibit the properties of cationic surfactants, and in an alkaline solution exhibit the properties of anionic surfactants;

  • nonionic surfactants – compounds that dissolve in water, not ionizing. The solubility of nonionic surfactants in water is determined by the presence of functional groups in them.

FLODRI Series Surfactants

Product description

Anionic surfactant to improve the efficiency of separation of liquid and solid phases in filtration and dehydration processes. Flodri is used in the mining industry (quartz sand, coal, iron ore, phosphates, etc.)

Instructions for use

Injection point: directly into the pulp.
Method of administration: a concentrated solution is used.
Dilution is not recommended due to low solubility in water.


Flodri is safe to use, biodegradable and does not produce unwanted materials.

Physicochemical characteristics

Apperience Transparent liquid
Content of the active part 70%
Solvent Propylene Glycol / Water
Density (20 ° C) 1.04
pH 6-8
Viscosity (20°C) 200 cP
Surface tension 26 din / cm
Solubility in water 15 g/l

Storage and packaging
Under normal storage (5-15 OS) – 12 months. Barrels of 200 liters. Another container on request.

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