Organic binding agents

FLOFORM™ series

Organic binding agents used in the iron ore pellet production process are the FLOFORM ™ series.

The formation of pellets typically requires the use of additives of binding agents to ensure sufficient efficiency of pellet formation steps, their calcination and reduction.
FLOFORM ™ is a series of organic polymers specially developed for the processes of iron ore granulation. They can completely or partially replace silica containing binders, such as bentonite.
FLOFORM ™ – polymers can be modified to achieve specific characteristics of iron ore. Polymers FLOFORM ™ are self-spreading powders that can be added directly to the concentrate so that the granulation process flows more gently.


  • Very high yield of raw pellets.

  • Improved properties of raw pellets.

  • Soft pelleting at different humidity.

  • Pellets don’t crack.

  • Reduction of silica / gangue.

  • Improve the quality of pellets in terms of DR purity.


  • Self-flowing powders.

  • Compatible with bentonite.

  • Miscible with ore.


Our specialists will help you choose polymers, and also advise you to choose the right equipment (you may need to develop and supply equipment for adding FLOFORM ™ in suitable factory conditions)

Transportation and storage

Polymers can be supplied in a 25 kg polypropylene bag, packed in a pallet tray for best protection, or in large bags of 750 kg. FLOFORM ™ should be stored in a closed dry place.

Health and Safety

FLOFORM ™ is considered a model of low toxicity. Anyway, beware of inhalation, contact with skin and eye contact. Observe the basics of industrial safety and hygiene.

Physicochemical characteristics

Apperience Transparent liquid
Content of the active part 70%
Solvent Propylene Glycol / Water
Density (20 ° C) 1.04
pH 6-8
Viscosity (20°C) 200 cP
Surface tension 26 din / cm
Solubility in water 15 g/l

Storage and packaging
Under normal storage (5-15 OS) – 12 months. Barrels of 200 liters. Another container on request.

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